Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's the time of year when people's (and crabs') thoughts turn to luuuurve. On that note, it's time for some sexy sex... SMITH STYLE!

"Both of them were experiencing something which had lain dormant in them for so long. Rapidly they were getting out of control. Nothing else mattered... not even the giant crabs!"
Night of the Crabs

"...her reply was lost in the moans and writhings of their united bodies as they reached the ultimate possible peak of pleasure which any man and woman can climb."
Night of the Crabs

"She made no attempt to hold back her tears; lots of women cried when they reached their orgasm."

"She sat astride him, displaying the full talents of her horsemanship..."

"Hurry up, Rog, I'm lying here in the nude desperate to be screwed. There's locusts hanging from the ceiling but don't worry about them."

"Her nipples stood out stiff and straight, and Ron Blythe had no doubt she was fully aroused. Some inexplicable reserves were aiding her in an effort to mate with a man for the last time in her life."

"Those twin orbs glowed with lust. It saw and understood. I'm going to crawl there as well."

"I... couldn't hold out... any longer. I need... it. Badly!"

Phew... is anyone else getting the vapours?

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