Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Post Apocalyptia

I was really excited about Doomdsay. Post-apocalyptic punks riding around on dune buggies? Written and directed by Neil Marshall, the director of Descent (best horror film of 2005) and Dog Soldiers (my fourth favourite werewolf film of all time)? Have they been reading my secret wish diary? Of course it got released and everybody hated it. Even though it's currently flopping in theaters worldwide, no Australian release date is forthcoming. Who knows if it will ever get released, but to prepare I watched the two films it rips off most thoroughly: Mad Max 2 and Escape From New York. They'll probably place the deficiencies of Doomsday in stark relief (and according to critics there are many), but it did remind me how great those two films are, and exactly why they were so influential.

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