Friday, 11 January 2008

The confusing world of zombie film titles

A word on the naming of the Zombi series. This is a tricky business in the world of grindhouse cinema, where films are frequently renamed to localise a film or cash in on hot properties. The first film in the series, Dawn of the Dead, was recut and released in Europe as Zombi. The second film was called Zombi 2 in Europe, but renamed Zombie in the US and Zombie Flesh Eaters in the UK and Australia. Zombi 3 was released as Zombie 3 in the US (despite the fact that there was no Zombie 2 there) and Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 in UK/Aus.

Are we clear so far? Okay. That is essentially the end of the "official" series (even though they don't really have any connection to one another anyway, bar the zombies). In the US, two more films were renamed to shoehorn them into the series... Zombie 4 - After Death (also released in the UK as Zombie Flesh Eaters 3) and Zombie 5 - Killing Birds. To further confuse things, other unrelated zombie films have been rereleased as part of the series. The cannibal/zombie hybrid Zombie Holocaust, for instance, has been released at one time as Zombie 3 in the USA. I may review that one some time.

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