Thursday, 10 January 2008

I'm so gay for Spider-Man

Hello? Spider-Man? I am GAY! for YOU!

I'm straight but I'd totally turn for Spider-Man. I mean, Batman is still my number one, but I get the impression that he'd be kind of a distant lover, you know? Unless he's the All-Star Batman, but then he'd probably shout out "I'm the goddamn Batman!" at the moment of climax.

Of course, my Spider-Man fantasies were all just idle daydreams until the recent continuity hatchet job, where Spider-man made a deal with Mephisto to heal Aunt May in exchange for erasing his marriage to Mary Jane (and, conveniently, that he'd revealed his secret identity during Civil War). Now that Mary Jane is out of the picture I think I'm in with a chance, at least until Quesada restores things with another clumsy retcon.

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